Adding birthdays to your Temperature blanket!

Is it really March already?

I knew starting a temp blanket would make it feel like this year is already flying by, and it is!

My blanket is turning out beautiful, and full of color. Which I figured it would since Southern Indiana has some crazy weather.

I created a bullet journal template to record the high for each day. I’m hoping to get it turned into a pdf so I can offer it as a free download for my awesome readers.

I fell a little behind in February since I was trying to get my aunts blanket finished. But I got caught up finally. I’ve done pretty good about remembering to write the temp down everyday. There have been a few days here and there I have forgotten and I have found Fast Weather to be the best website for finding temperatures for days I’ve missed.

But hey, it’s okay if you have fallen behind. Days and weeks get busy. Just pick it up and keep going.

I also added in rows for birthdays! This blanket we decided is going to be a family couch blanket. So we really wanted to make it fun for all the kids. So for each birthday I have chosen a verigated yarn.

So far we have had 2 birthdays this year. (We will have 6 rows just for birthdays)

I wanted it to show up, since it’s a blanket full of color. I chose redheart Mexicana. Its the color of the rainbow and really stands out.

Since the blanket is done in moss stitch,

(1sc ch 1, 1sc ch 1)

I decided to do the whole row in half DC. In every stitch across. And I love the way it turned out and so do the kids! Then the next row I just go back to the moss stitch.

I put the birthday row above the temp color for the day.

I plan on doing a row for some holidays too. I didn’t do Valentine’s day just because I had already past it when I realized I wanted to do this. But maybe next year I’ll make another. 😉

I’ll keep updated about other holidays and colors I used for them. But so far here it is. The master piece thus far!

Thank you for reading! Follow below for more updates! Or leave a comment I would love to hear all about your temperature blankets!


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