Free Winnie the Pooh Printable Pack

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we love Disney in this house! 

Anything Disney and we are all about it. So when we seen that there is a new Christopher Robin: Winnie the Pooh movie coming out we knew we had to do something. 

So we are going to release a 3-part Winnie the Pooh series over the next couple of weeks! 

I am so excited since it’s such a classic and a long time love of mine. My oldest daughters nursery was decorated in Winnie the Pooh and everything. 

Our first part is a Winnie the Pooh printable pack. My kids are so excited about it and stood over my shoulder while I created it. And I must say we love it! 

The pack includes:

  1. Memory Card Game
  2. Addition Page
  3. Coloring page 
  4. Tracing 
  5. Cursive Practice
  6. 9-pc puzzle
  7. Size Sequencing 
  8. Count and Clip Cards #1-10
  9. Cutting Practice 
  10. Prewriting Practice

This pack has a little bit for all ages. My kids range from Pre-K to 2nd grade so I try to make it useful for multiple age groups! 

The best part is this pack is FREE! I hope your little ones enjoy it as much as my four have! 



If you love it leave a comment or snap some photos and hashtag it, #littlebirdieshomeschool 

And thank you for stopping by to support us. We love you all. 💜


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