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Keeping a Crochet Journal

Hard to believe it’s November already! I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. It felt like this time last year took us forever to get to this point in our school year.

As I sat down the other evening to finish up school planning for the year, I also decided to update my crochet (kind of knitting) journal. One of my goals for this year was to keep all my projects, patterns and ideas in journal so that I could easily access them.

I don’t know about you but I am bad about completing a project and then forgetting anything I used to create it. Such as, patterns used, patterns I made up as I went, hook sizes, yarn color/weight. Then someone will place an order and it’ll be a guessing game all over again on how I made it.

So I decided to find a cute journal and use it as I go. And I can happily say it’s been a SUCCESS!

So since I’m so proud I decided to share it with you and what I included in it, maybe it can help you remember how you made all your beautiful creations! 💜

The pages I’ve included are:

Project wish list: where I obviously write down the endless list of projects I would like to create. It’s very helpful when I actually am caught up on projects and can start a new one.

Completed Projects: I labeled it ‘Completed Projects 2018’. I then write down each project I’ve created with the month I finished it. Then off to the side I have kept track of how many projects I’ve completed each month. My plan is to create a new layout for each year.

Hook sizes tracker: I have a page dedicated to crochet hook sizes and a page dedicated to knitting needle sizes. I also keep track of what style the hook is. This is so helpful when I’m starting a new project, especially when I need to buy a new hook.

Orders: here I keep track of my orders/ how much it was/ when it was taken and when it was delivered etc

Project Planner/Tracker: The rest of the journal is dedicated to projects. Usually a project per page. I keep track of the project name/if it’s an order/ hook used/ where the patterns from or write down the pattern as I come up with it (or go back and jot it down after the fact) yarn used and how much of it/ cost of the project/ time it took to complete/ measurements/ gauge etc etc you get the point.

Keeping my journal has made it easier to keep track of my projects and type up my patterns. And who doesn’t love seeing all the progress they have made! For me it’s definitely motivational.

If this inspires you to keep your own, or if you already do and would love to share your style then feel free to share! I love seeing everyone’s individuality 💜


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