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Keeping warm leg warmers

The weather here has been crazy. One week its in the negatives and the following week it’s 40s and raining. So choosing what to wear from day to day has been a challenge.

So for the negative cold weather I decided to make my bestie a pair of leg warmers! She is the leg warmer queen, she has a pair for every outfit. But she’s been asking for me to make her a custom pair for a while. And here they are!

This was such a fun project to complete and she loved taking a trip to Hobby Lobby to choose her yarn.

The pattern was a paid pattern on Etsy from the website

These leg warmers are so warm and thick and we love the buttons! There are so many options for colors and buttons. But I love the natural look.

The colors used are:

I love this yarn Ivory Tweed

I love this yarn Toasted Almond

And 34 buttons were used (17 for each leg warmer)

If you have a favorite leg warmer pattern or have used this pattern before share your thoughts and pictures with us!


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  • Edenfantasys

    They are used as dancewear by ballet and other classic dancers in order to keep the leg muscles warm and to prevent cramping or other muscle injuries. No scientific data has been yet collected to substantiate the claim that leg warmers prevent injury.

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