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Quick and Easy T-ball Treats

Today is Day 2 of our exciting summer.

We worked on our Minimalist journey by going through the stuff from our living room. With over a thousand items in there we can surely find something to get rid of.

We started with Homeschool stuff since that seems to be the largest amount of stuff coming in at a whopping 722 items!

Some of it is easy to let go, like:

-folders of old school work

-old workbooks

-books we don’t enjoy

But some of it we won’t be getting rid of. And will need to find a way to make it fit.

For example,

We have a minimal selection of read alouds, well I consider it minimal, others (my husband) claims it’s a large selection. But we can assume he’s wrong 😉

I will not be getting rid of these. We will use these over and over again. And we have small children not even starting school yet so they will be used for years to come.

I also have plenty of other homeschool resources that will need to find a resting place until we need them. (Which May be a few years from now). Sometimes this stuff isn’t worth getting rid of. I am a bargain homeschool shopper and a lot of my books have come from teachers or library sells.

And I love them 💜

So for now we are just trying to make them fit nicely on our shelf. We have discussed buying a whole new shelf. So as I am organizing, I am keeping in mind it will probably be re-organized in the very near future.

That wrapped up pretty quickly and then we had to run some errands. This evening is our very last t-ball game for the team we coach.

The Detroit Tigers. A team of eight 3-6 year olds! It was our first year and I learned a lot.

We decided to make them cute little treat bags since they have been awesome and their parents have been fantastic. We were truly blessed with such a wonderful group of parents and kids!

So we bought the treats and made the bags.

Treat bags were super easy all you need is:

-Brown paper bags

-Red marker

-Cd (or something similar for tracing)

And just like that their done. Fill it with ball field favorites like:

-cracker jacks

-sunflower seeds

-big league gum

-baby Ruth candy bars


The list is endless and your team will love them!

Stay tuned for more to come! We have printables coming soon and lots of craft and organizing tips!

With love💜


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