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    Keeping warm leg warmers

    The weather here has been crazy. One week its in the negatives and the following week it’s 40s and raining. So choosing what to wear from day to day has been a challenge. So for the negative cold weather I decided to make my bestie a pair of leg warmers! She is the leg warmer queen, she has a pair…

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    Keeping a Crochet Journal

    Hard to believe it’s November already! I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. It felt like this time last year took us forever to get to this point in our school year. As I sat down the other evening to finish up school planning for the year, I also decided to update my crochet (kind of…

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    Temperature Blanket

    I finally did it. I started my temperature blanket. I didn’t even know this was a thing until everyone on the crochet group I follow on Facebook started posting they had finished theirs for 2017.

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    Super Bulky Ear Warmer

    I have had so much fun this weekend working with super bulky yarn! A friend asked me to make her a messy bun hat for when she runs, so after I made it I had some bulky yarn left over. So I decided to make an ear warmer.

  • Crochet

    Perfect Winter Hat

    I have decided to make all 4 of my kids a hat, glove and scarf set. They are constantly losing their stuff we buy them so I’m going to make them each a set we can find and use for once. We also decided to start with the oldest and work our way to the youngest.

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    Donating Crochet

    One of my biggest goals has been to find and donate to as many charities and foundations as I can. This year I have set out to actually do it!

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    Adding birthdays to your Temperature blanket!

    Is it really March already? I knew starting a temp blanket would make it feel like this year is already flying by, and it is! My blanket is turning out beautiful, and full of color. Which I figured it would since Southern Indiana has some crazy weather. I created a bullet journal template to record the high for each day.…

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    The Woven Blanket

    I’ve been crocheting for a while and my projects up to this point have been orders or stuff for my kids. So this year I decided to break out of my shell and start making stuff for my family and close friends. So recently my mom mentioned she wanted me to make her a blanket for her birthday/Mother’s Day since…