Temperature Blanket

I finally did it. I started my temperature blanket.

I didn’t even know this was a thing until everyone on the crochet group I follow on Facebook started posting they had finished theirs for 2017.

So I looked into it and came up with a pattern/plan.

I live at the bottom of Indiana and our weather here is a little wacky. So I figured with our wide range of Temps that’s accrue randomly through out the year that this would turn into a colorful throw.

To make a plan/pattern I first made my temperature range.

I set it at:

  • 100+
  • 99-90
  • 89-80
  • 79-70
  • 69-60
  • 59-50
  • 49-40
  • 39-30
  • 29-20
  • 19-10
  • 9-below

After I set the temp range I started matching the colors to them. All the colors I used are worsted weight yarn. Redheart and I love this yarn, from hobby lobby.

The colors and temp range are:

I wanted to make my blanket pretty big. I figured since I’m going to be working on it all year I should make it worth it. The pattern I used is pretty simple.

I used a J hook

Chain 200

Row 1: SC in each stitch across

Row 2: Continue with moss stitch in the remaining 364 days.

Moss stitch is:

Chain 1, SC in first stitch, chain 1 skip a stitch SC in next st. Chain 1, skip 1 stitch. SC in the next stitch.

Continue that for each row until you reach the end!

Make sure you are counting every row. I placed stitch markers at every 50th stitch. This has made it really easy and quick to count each day. I am awful at counting my stitches so using stitch markers is very helpful. I bought a set of 100 off Amazon for $5. If you don’t have any I highly suggest them.
I am 15 days into my blanket and the colors are already a wide range. I can’t wait to see it finished!!

Here’s a sneak preview this far:

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